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Despite announcing the tragic death of Chris McCandless within the first paragraph of the proluge, Jon Krakauer manages to keep this young protagonists’ spirit very much alive though the book and for ever engraved in the minds of his readers. I must admit, knowing that Chris dies made me think this novel would not be worth reading due to the lack of excitement that i assumed would follow. BOY WAS I WRONG. I can not belive how the author managed to make this boy’s life interesting even after spoiling the ending.  This is a fine example of how to properly use literary devices.  I would have never though this book would actually be suspenseful. Krakauer starts the story at the very end with Chris McCandless’s rotting body being discoved in an abandoned bus. After that he goes back to the beggining…so i assumed. I then realized that Krakauer keeped rewinding the tape on this boy’s life further and further until i found myself at the end of the book and the story was back at where i started, the rotting body of an Emory drop out. Surprisingly the was alot to learn about Chris McCandless. When i first started the book i assumed this was just some messed up kid…maybe his daddy didnt know the difference between GOOD TOUCH and BAD TOUCH, but i was wrong…very wrong. Besides a few bigamy issues, this kid had an impecable childhood. He was a perfect student, very solidary yet very sociable at times, HE EVEN KNEW HOW TO POCKET BIG BUCKS AT AN EARLY AGE. So despite common belief the author convinces his hostile audience, such as my self, that this kid did not have a death wish. He even told us of how Chris spent several days on the Universitie of Alaska’s campus searching for help for information about how to survive the unforgiving wilderness. In my opinion Jon Krakauer had a mission and knowing very well that it would not be easy he told the story of someones life better than any biography ever could.


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